Robotic Palletising

Robotic Palletising:

Robotic palletising and end of line solutions designed by Horan Automation and Robotics are entirely bespoke, unique to the client and designed specifically around the requirement of the business. Our in-house design and software engineering teams build the project to be sustainable, durable and future ready, specifying the best equipment for the application.

Our design engineers carry out extensive dynamic and environmental testing and failure analysis when designing elements such as the End of Arm Tooling to ensure down-time due to component failure is entirely minimised.

Robotics provide agile, future ready and cost effective ways to enhance and improve end of line processes and can be combined with a host of other innovations to add further value. Horan Automation and Robotics are proud integrators of Fanuc and Kuka robotics systems. With reach radii and weight capacities beginning at 2kg and reach range of 300mm the ranges extend to weight capacities in excess of 2300kg and reach ranges of up to 4701mm. We use Siemens PLC systems and Mitsubishi HMI panels for added security and user friendliness and overall reliability.

Robotics are highly modular and very easily integrated with other technological solutions such as vision systems and pallet wrapping systems, allowing your business to focus more closely on higher value yield activities. In short, automating palletisation offers greater flexibility, higher output levels and very attractive payback timelines.

Applications for robotic palletising are virtually unlimited. From bagged materials, to irregular sized boxes or cartons can be palletised quickly and efficiently. Get in touch with our in house team today to arrange a consultation around your current processes and requirements.

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