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Robot Exhibition in Rural Drangan

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Robot Exhibition in Rural Drangan

Collaborative Robot Event

Last Thursday 19th October Horan Automation and Consulting in Drangan hosted a manufacturing excellence event in conjunction with the County Tipperary Chamber of Commerce and supported by Boston Scientific.  The event showcased industrial collaborative robots and attracted a huge crowd of over sixty attendees from far and wide.  The company designs, builds, installs and integrates industrial robots and other automated machines for manufacturing companies in Ireland and abroad.  These machines can include customised projects or end of line filling, packaging, palletising and wrapping machines.  This year has been a very fruitful year so far for Horan Automation and Consulting and they are very much at the forefront of technology and robotics in Ireland.

The manufacturing excellence event is run on a quarterly basis by the County Tipperary Chamber of Commerce with a view to bringing manufacturing companies together to share information and promote business in Tipperary.  The nature of Horan Automation and Consulting’s unique and interesting robot products was a great choice for the event and the business were happy to facilitate it.  Not only did the collaborative robot demonstration attract attendees from the chamber of commerce but also from companies such as Glaxosmithcline, Dairygold, Medtronic, Hasbro, Dawn meats to name a few and even a bus full of students from WIT were in attendance.

The collaborative robots were demonstrated by the main suppliers in the Irish market; ABB, Kuka and Universal.  During the exhibit the guests were able to interact and touch the robots which is something very unusual.  The nature of a collaborative robot in essence is that they are designed to interact with humans without the need for safety guarding.  Other traditional industrial robots always have safety cages to prevent potential fatal injuries.  The event was very informative and interactive and the audience were encouraged to engage in participation and discussion.

The event also allowed Horan Automation and Consulting to showcase its own unique machines which were designed as one off customised automation solutions for specific clients.  If you are interested in finding out more about Horan Automation and Consulting please contact www.horan.ie for more information

You can view a montage of photos from the event below courtesy of George Goulding of WIT and listen to a radio broadcast courtesy of Amy Ryan from Tipp FM

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