Horan Automation and Robotics have a full in house team of design, software, electrical and mechanical engineers, with over 30 years experience in the provision of solutions to manufacturing industry. Increasingly, manufacturing organisations are employing robotics to enable them to increase production throughput, reduce and eliminate labour wastage and more effectively control costs and outputs.

Supported applications such as medical device manufacture, food and beverage, dairy and automotive component manufacture are some of the areas we have successfully delivered projects to, and current data shows significantly more manufacturing businesses are deploying robotics and further mechanical platforms to support their requirements.

Applications such requiring optimal dexterity and durable repeatability such as the assembly of medical devices, components and other processes that a human simply is not capable of delivering can be complex and daunting projects to undertake. As a central element of our service offering, we appoint one project manager to oversee and successfully deliver your project. We also offer a full backup service with a commitment to resolve typical day to day issues as they arise.

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