Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV's):

With a high-quality standard product that is user-friendly, easy to install, with a short delivery time, and a low price, we welcome you to the future of automated guided vehicles! Regardless size and type of business, we have made it possible for you to automate simple A-B pallet transports with the flexible and innovative Global AGV.

Improve your company’s performance by investing in a bullet-proof standard product, which quite easily automates your manual pallet transports, releasing time and employee resources for other value-adding tasks. We can guarantee you 60% savings on your simple pallet transports. You increase your efficiency and improve your productivity, minimising damages and accidents, overall optimising your internal logistic.

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Putting safety first with proven technology:

It is our top priority to put safety first when using the Global AGV. Having provided the AGV with several safety sensors, you are guaranteed a 360 degrees navigation, making it possible for the AGV to operate safely alongside humans and machines.

If the AGV’s route or safety zones are broken by another operating machine or an employee, the AGV will stop and keep a safe distance until the object is removed. After the object is removed, the AGV will automatically continue its route.

Improve your bottom line. Contact us today and get one step closer to automating your pallet transports the easy way

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Why invest in agv's?:

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