Horan Automation & Consulting was established by Gerry & Kathleen Horan to provide Industrial Automation for Manufacturing and Customised Robotic Arms

Based on Gerry’s 20 years hands on experience in designing and implementing 6 axis robots and manufacturing automation projects, we provide unrivalled technical knowledge of automated production and packaging systems for factories.  Our key strengths include:

  • Customised design and building of automated solutions for manufacturing
  • PLC integration
  • Turnkey industrial automation systems
  • Automation support and training

Is Automation Right for Your Business?

Our 5 key questions when designing an automated system are:

  1. Is industrial automation needed in your factory?
  2. What will be return on investment for your production?
  3. What is the most cost effective automation solution?
  4. Has the customer suitable staff to operate and maintain the automated equipment or 6 axis robot?
  5. Will the installation and integration of the automation system interfere with current production?

Horan Automation & Consulting provides a full automation design and project management service. We are not affiliated to any equipment suppliers, which means we provide totally independent advice to our manufacturing clients.  We provide a full turnkey automation service for manufacturing plants including filling machines, unscramblers, primary cartoning machines, secondary cartoning machines, customised robotic arms and palletising machines.

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Why Automate

Increase Production

If sales demand increases then industrial automation allows you to easily meet factory production deadlines. Automated lines can run overnight and at weekends to achieve optimum production. Machines and robotic arms can also be programmed to increase production where necessary.

Improve Quality

Automated systems eliminate human error increasing the rates of precision and accuracy. This also reduces waste and the need for quality and precision testing increasing efficiency.

Reduce Costs

Automation reduces the costs of wages and allows the business to recoup automation costs over a relatively short timescale. Automation also reduces breakage and waste. Costs due to staff absenteeism will also be reduced.

Greater Flexibility

Automated manufacturing systems are run by plc computer programs which instruct the machinery to carry out specific tasks. These plc programs can talk to the filling machines, cartoning machine and robotic arms for example.  The integrated plc can be easily edited and manipulated to increase or decrease production, fill a different sized bottle, make a larger packaging box etc. This potentially wider range of operational tasks allows for greater flexibility in factory production.

Safer Environment

Automation reduces or eliminates repetitive strain injuries for factory staff which promotes a safer working environment and reduces absenteeism. Automated industrial machines reduce the need for human involvement in the production line which also reduces factory accidents. These automated lines are normally maintained by a trained engineer so that health and safety best practice is adhered to.  Robotic arms or six axis robots are contained behind a specially built shell to eliminate the risk of accidents.

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Our opening hours are 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in Horan Automation

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